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Teresa Boucher Publishes Translation of “Cartas de Amor de un Sexagenario Voluptuoso” by Miguel Delibes

Love Letters Cover

Teresa Boucher

Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences

Spanish author Miguel Delibes was born and died in the same city: Valladolid, Spain. Yet in the span of 80 years, he was a professor, father of seven, newspaper editor, journalist and author who penned 20 novels and won nearly every literary prize awarded in his native country.

Despite his literary success, his name is unfamiliar to most American audiences, as only 11 of his works have been translated into English. Teresa Boucher wants to change that. “Love Letters from a Voluptuous Sexagenarian” is the first English translation of “Cartas de Amor de un Sexagenario Voluptuoso,” originally published in 1983.

“It’s an engaging piece because Eugenio, a retired newspaper editor and a 65-year-old virgin, has an opinion on just about everything and doesn’t hesitate to share it,” Boucher explained. “We, the readers, are in the position of his pen pal, Rocío, a 56-year-old merry widow. Eugenio attempts to win Rocío over with the projection of his ‘best’ self. What emerges in spite of himself is the often comical portrait of an elderly, hypocritical, pretentious, hypochondriac bachelor whose opportunistic rise to a position of editorial power in the field of journalism was accomplished in questionable circumstances.”

Spanish Major and Basque Studies, Iberian Studies Minor, Madalen Bieter, Interviewed by Basque Newspaper, El Correo

Madalen Bieter, Boise State University Spanish Major and Basque Studies, Iberian Studies Minor student, was recently interviewed by the Basque newspaper, El Correo, about her internship at BSU PULSE radio where she hosts a Basque radio program. Check out the article here: 

World Languages Alumna, Diana Arbiser, Obtains American Translators Association (ATA) Certification

Diana ArbiserDiana Arbiser, Boise State University alumna, recently obtained the American Translators Association (ATA) Certification for translation from English into Spanish becoming the fourth person in the state to hold this accolade, and the only one to be both a federal Spanish court certified interpreter and certified Eng.>Spa. translator in Idaho.

Arbiser completed her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Boise State University, Summa Cum Laude, in 2013, and her Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Distinguished, in 2016.

Fatima Cornwall Participates in Duolingo Focus Group

Fatima Cornwall portrait.

Fatima Cornwall

Spanish Language Coordinator
Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences
Fatima Cornwall was one of 12 university language instructors invited to attend a one-day focus group at Duolingo headquarters in Pittsburgh Oct. 27.The textbook publishing company Pearson and Duolingo partnered to create six new courses and had the panel of experts review the products in development, and offer their feedback regarding content and functionality.

Oct. 30 Screening of ‘elkarrekin together’

The Boise State Basque Studies program is sponsoring a documentary viewing at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at the Basque Center (601 Grove St.).

The film, “elkarrekin together,” is free and open to the public.

On a tiny island off east coast of the United States, a small group of archaeologists, sailors, scientists and divers, explore indications of a peaceful and lasting coexistence between Basque fishermen and Native Americans during the mid sixteenth century.

This event is co-sponsored by Euzkaldunak, Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Cenarrusa Foundation for Basque Culture, and Boise State Basque Studies.

Six World Languages Instructors Present at the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture (IATLC

Department of World Languages

College of Arts and Sciences

Six instructors from the Department of World Languages presented at the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture (IATLC) conference held in Meridian on Oct. 5-6.

  • Kelly Arispe: “Project Based Learning with the Adobe Spark Suite”

    From instructional design, to implementation, Arispe taught foreign language teachers how to design a project based assessment using one of three tools in the Adobe Spark Suite. Alignment to the ACTFL Can-Do Statements and Performance Descriptors was also a key component of this presentation.

  • Fatima Cornwall: “Lesson Plans Anchored on the NCSSFL/ACTFL Can DO Statements” 

    Participants creatined a lesson plan anchored on the Can Do statements (Novice/ Interpersonal Communication and Intercultural), with activities that were engaging, learner-centered, communication purposeful and infused with culture

    Cornwall also had the opportunity to interpret for the Mexican Consul to Boise, Delgado-Ramirez.

  • Amber Hoye: “You’ve Been Challenged…” 

    When it comes to using apps and websites, less can be more.  In her interactive presentation, Hoye showcased several tools to increase classroom engagement and practical strategies for incorporating them into instructor’s existing lesson plans. Language instructors from across the state of Idaho were challenged to incorporate one new technology tool into their classroom this academic year. 

    Hoye was also one of three instructors nominated for the 2018 teacher of the year.

  • Marino Perea: “How to Create a Lesson that Aligns with the College Board Guidelines and Also Interests Students”

    Instructors were presented with tips on how to create thematics units that are relevant to students so they can make connections with them, their own community and the world. Perea provided examples of lessons created for his existing students to see how to start a lesson and encourage students to participate in a meaningful way.

  • Sharon Wei:   “New Ideas for Teaching Chinese”

    Wei outlined teaching approaches that have been shown to create enjoyment in class while also encouraging students to dedicate themselves to the new language in a student-centered classroom. Sharon Wei provided examples including songs, riddles, story-telling with pictures, use of the Nearpod app and assigning students to work in pairs and in small groups that foster development of personal language communication skills that are perceived by the students as relevant to practical real-life situations.

  • Becca Sibrian:  Moderator for the Keynote Panel – “Teachers as Ambassadors”

    The panel included Celson Humberto Delgado Ramírez, consul for the Mexican Consulate in Boise, Zeze Rawasama, director, College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center, Jean Charconnet, French language advisor, Consulate General of France, Natascha Milde, German language advisor, German Consulate, Travis Mantha, global solutions manager, Micron Technology, Finia Dinh, computer science program manager, Idaho STEM Action Center and Erika Liebel, dual-immersion and traditional track Spanish educator, Blaine County School District.  Sibrian asked the distinguished panel members questions about the roles that teachers play in preparing students to be culturally aware citizens of the 21st Century.

1st Boise State Department of World Languages International Conference on Cultural Studies- Call for Proposals

1st Boise State Department of World Languages
International Conference on Cultural Studies

About the Conference:

Emotions often trigger memories and memories provoke strong emotions which, in turn, make memories last. The study of the relationship between emotion and memory is a growing field in the broader framework of Cultural Studies. Emotions and their various expressions play a central role in human interactions. However, since emotion-derived feelings are social constructs, they are molded differently by particular societies, cultures and realities. Gender, among other social factors, shapes the form of our emotions. The processes of social interaction are general, but women and men exert them differently.

The inaugural World Languages International Conference seeks to address the issues of Emotion, Memory, and Gender from the perspective of Cultural Studies. Hence, the organizers welcome papers reflecting on the link between the aforementioned topics in disciplines such as literature, language, sociology, history, philosophy, ethics, global studies, visual arts among others.

It is also the objective of the conference to bring together both scholars and community partners, particularly individuals and groups who have relied on memory to survive emigration or forced displacement and have now found a home in Boise. A special panel will consider the role played by women in the Basque diaspora and will examine the relevance of memory and emotion in their adaptation.

We especially encourage submissions addressing the following topics:

1.     Refugee studies

2.     Conflict and memory: Daring to remember

3.     (Basque) Diaspora

4.     Emotion and adaptation

5.     Memory and exile

6.     The border experience

7.     Historical Memory in literature

8.     Collective memory and cultural identity

9.     Cultural memory and politics

10.  Cultural memory, emotions, and media

11.  Memory, emotions, and censorship

12.  An act of survival: Forgetting cultural trauma

13.  Biography

14.  Autobiography & other forms of personal narrative

15.  “Triggers” and memory

16.  Memory and the senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell)

17.  Repressing memory

Electronic Submission

Submissions are limited to one individual abstract per author. Unless special accommodations are arranged with the conference directors, papers should be presented in English. Abstracts should be limited to 250 words.

The abstracts should be submitted using this form.

Important timeline:

Deadline for submission: October 31st

Notification of acceptance: December 15th

Proposal type & Time length

Individual paper:

Each presentation is allotted a total of 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion)

Important note to presenters

All presenters will be required to pre-register and pre-pay for the conference in order to maintain a slot in the program.

Registration starts December 16th.

Deadline for registration: February 14th.

Details about registration, lodging, and additional information will be posted on the conference website.

If you wish to receive more information please write to:
Nerea Lete and Larraitz Ariznabarreta at

Kelly Arispe Publishes Article in Language Learning and Technology

Portrait of Kelly Arispe

Kelly Arispe

Assistant Professor, Spanish
Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences
Kelly Arispe and co-author Jack Burston from Cyprus University of Technology recently published an article in Language Learning and Technology, titled “Making it personal: Performance- based assessments, ubiquitous technology, and advanced learners.” This paper builds upon their recent meta-analysis and is a pedagogical implementation study in an advanced Spanish linguistics course at Boise State University.

Jason Herbeck Publishes “Architextual Authenticity: Constructing Literature and Literary Identity in the French Caribbean”

Photo of Jason Herbeck.

Jason Herbeck

Professor, French
Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences
A book by Jason Herbeck recently was published by Liverpool University Press.The book, “Architextual Authenticity: Constructing Literature and Literary Identity in the French Caribbean,” proposes an original, informative frame of reference for understanding the long and ever-evolving struggle for social, cultural, historical and political autonomy in the region. Taking as its point of focus diverse canonical and lesser-known texts from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti published between 1958 and 2013, the book examines the trope of the house (architecture) and the meta-textual construction of texts (architexture) as a means of conceptualizing and articulating how authentic means of expression are and have been created in French-Caribbean literature over the greater part of the past half-century — whether it be in the context of the years leading up to or following the departmentalization of France’s overseas colonies in the 1940’s, the wrath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989, or the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010.

For more information, visit:

Chinese Club to Hold Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Please join us this Sunday, Oct. 8th for a lunch celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival !

  • Where: China Grand Buffet on Fairview
  • When: Sunday, October 8th beginning at 11:30

Feel free to bring friends or family!

The lunch is free for Chinese Club Members and $12 for guests.

We hope to see you all there!

Amy Bennett (Chinese Club President)

Sharon Wei (Chinese Club Advisor)