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Adrian Kane Publishes Essay in La sonrisa afilada: Enrique Serna ante la crítica

Portrait of Adrian KaneAdrian Kane, Professor of Spanish and Chair of the Department of World Languages, recently published his essay “La construcción de la masculinidad y la representación del cuerpo en El seductor de la patria” (The Construction of Masculinity and the Representation of the Body in The Seductor of the Nation). Published in La sonrisa afilada: Enrique Serna ante la crítica (The Sharp Smile: Enrique Serna Before the Critics), a collection of essays dedicated to the analysis of works by Mexican novelist Enrique Serna, Kane’s essay analyzes the use of imagery of the body in El seductor de la patria as a way of constructing the protagonist’s concept of masculinity and marking important junctures in his personal, political, and military life. Serna’s novel tells the story of 19th Century Mexican President General Antonio López de Santa Anna. La sonrisa afilada was published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and edited by Martín Camps.

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