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Fall 2018 Internship Opportunity for Spanish Students

Spanish Internship Opportunity:
First Choice Home Health and Hospice

1. We have about 100 pages that need translated for our home health and
hospice admission documents. Time spent in the office or at home with files
located on our shared OneDrive. Proofread some documents to verify
accuracy and translate from scratch the other documents.
2. At the current time, we have 2-3 Spanish speaking patients. Intern could
shadow any and all staff members to the home to translate for them during
visit. Visit lasts about 1 hour. Staff to follow would be Nursing, Social Worker,
Bath Aide, Chaplain, and volunteers. Interpreter would translate staff to patient
and patient to staff.
3. Time can also be spent in staff meetings so that interpreter can stay up to date
on the patient’s case.
4. I’m open to schedule. I work Monday through Friday, as do a majority of our
staff. However, our on call RN for the weekends may have a need at times.
The documents are ok to be done at the home of the intern with reporting to
5. Minimum of 45 hours of work per internship credit.

In order to participate, student need to:
 Have successfully completed Spanish 300 Spanish for Bilinguals or Spanish 301 Conversational Spanish
 Have taken or be enrolled in Spanish 302 Spanish Grammar and Composition
 Have taken or be enrolled in Spanish 381 Intro to Court Interpretation or 382 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
 Have received at least an Advanced Low rating on their Oral Proficiency Interview

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