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Beyond the Major


Language Studies Can Take You Anywhere!

From a career in government to arts, science and entertainment.
The Career Center at Boise State has a wide variety of resources to help you explore and learn about different areas of employment, types of employers and strategies to consider when pursuing a language degree. In addition, the faculty in the World Languages department are excited to share their experiences with you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact them!

Creating a “new normal” of multiliteracy and multiculturalism is key to the future of our country as a leader on the world stage.

— Martha G. Abbott, executive director of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), “Monolingualism diminishes America’s stature on the world stage

Cultural Experience:

Work Experience:

Beyond the Major:

  • “Where are They Now?” World Languages Alumni share where their languages studies have taken them
  • What types of career opportunities are available to language majors and minors?

Make the Most Of Your College Credits

Lead with Languages Campaign Graphic

Fátima Cornwall, Spanish Language Coordinator, was featured in the May 2018 “Lead with Languages” Spotlight, sharing how languages have played a role in shaping her personal and professional success. Click the graphic for the full article.

Few employers will ever ask to see your college transcript. But most of them will be looking for certified skills and experiences, competencies you have sought out and honed, and interests you have pursued and can draw from.

At Boise State, you can augment your major with a traditional minor, targeted certificates in specific subject and skill areas, and an ever-evolving suite of badges and other programs aimed at giving you a demonstrable skill or competency proven to drive success in the real world. The Department of World Languages, in addition to our language majors, is proud to offer the following minors and certificates:

Language Minors:

Interdisciplinary Minors:

Language Certificates:

Elementary and Intermediate Certificates are offered in the following languages: