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Conversation Labs

All students in enrolled in a 100, 200, and some 300 level language courses participate in a weekly conversation lab. Most labs are held in the World Languages Department (see video below for locations) For students enrolled in ASL, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish courses, you’ll receive an email to enroll in a conversation time slot. A variety of morning, afternoon, and evening slots will be available and this time slot will be yours for the semester.

Please visit us in L-144 for help signing up or to answer any questions that you might have! For other languages, you will sign up for a time via BroncoWeb or your instructor will provide you with a list of times the first week of class.

Need to Make Up a Conversation Lab?

Please see your conversation packet for complete instructions and watch the video below for important information.

Missing Your Makeup Sheet? Click Here to Download Another Copy.