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Iberian Studies Minor

We are pleased to introduce a new minor in Iberian Studies beginning in Fall 2015!

Iberian Studies Minor 
Four language electives chosen from:
Basque 101 Elementary Basque I
Basque 102 Elementary Basque II
Basque 201 Intermediate Basque I
Basque 202 Intermediate Basque II
Portuguese 101 Elementary Portuguese I
Portuguese 102 Elementary Portuguese II
Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish II
Electives chosen from:
BASQ-STD 123 Basque Dance
BASQ-STD 129 Basque Cuisine
BASQ-STD 294 Workshop in Basque Studies
BASQ-STD 323 Basque Politics
BASQ-STD 335 Basque Culture
BASQ-STD 353 The Arts in the Basque Country
BASQ-STD 377 Early European History: Basque Origins & Traditions
BASQ-STD 378 Modern Basque History
BASQ-STD 379 European Migration to History: Basque Origins & Traditions
BASQ-STD 380 Colloquium in Basque Studies
BASQ-STD 439 Foreign Study
BASQ-STD 493 Internship: Basque Museum and Cultural Center
BASQ-STD 494 Workshop in Basque Studies
Spanish 320 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
Spanish 376 Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization
Spanish 405 Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature I
Spanish 406 Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature II
Spanish 415 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Spanish 420 Topics in Spanish Linguistics
Spanish 440 Topics in Spanish Peninsular Literature
Spanish 450 Basque Literature in Spanish Translation
Spanish 491 Basque Cinema
Total 28-30