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Faculty Advisors of German

Adjunct Instructors:

Why Study German?

Course Offerings

Degrees Offered

Programming Learning Outcomes

Degree Requirements

  1. To begin the program for the B.A. in German, the student must demonstrate competency in German equivalent to the completion of elementary (GERM 101, 102) and intermediate (GERM 201, 202) German — 16 credit hours. Competency must be demonstrated by course work or placement/challenge procedures.
  2. The program must be developed in consultation with a major advisor in German.
  3. The candidate must demonstrate his or her level of linguistic and cultural competency in German by successfully completing GERM 498 Senior Seminar during the last year of study.

Minors offered

Certificates Offered

Elementary German Certificate 
Course Number and TitleCredits
GERMAN 101 Elementary German I4
GERMAN 102 Elementary German II4

Intermediate German Certificate 
Course Number and TitleCredits
GERMAN 101 Elementary German I4
GERMAN 102 Elementary German II4
GERMAN 201 Intermediate German I3
GERMAN 202 Intermediate German II3

German Placement Exam

In order to be placed in the correct language class, students with prior language experience must take a placement exam.  There is a small fee to take the exam and must be paid beforehand.  Please call or email Testing Services at least four hours in advance to schedule an exam. Scoring is immediate.  Please allow two hours to take the exam.  Please visit our Placement Exam page for more information.

Credit for Prior Learning

Once a student enrolls in and successfully completes a language course beyond the 101-level with a grade of C or higher, he or she may petition to receive credit for all courses that are prerequisites to the course that the student has successfully completed. See the detailed explanation at Challenge Exams and Credit for Prior Learning.

World Languages Resource Center

Located next to the department offices in the Library, Room L-144, students studying a world language have access to state-of-the art equipment in the World Languages Resource Center. Whether taking a study break in between classes or completing a research project, the Center is dedicated to providing tools and services to language students. A computer lab provides access to authentic resources such as online journals and newspapers from around the world, specialized software and recording tools. The Center also hosts a collection of more than 1,200 films for student checkout, along with mobile tablets for use in and out of the classroom.

Most 100- and 200- level language courses require lab participation such as video, conversation, and computer activities in the Language Resource Center, for which students pay an additional laboratory fee.

Students of German at Boise State

Portrait of Chris S.“The World Languages Department helped me to interact with different cultures. Learning different cultural norms helped prepare me for my job as an international flight attendant, where I will be constantly interacting with people from all around the world. The World Languages Department, especially the German Department, have been so supportive of me and my job search. My German professors would send me links or ideas for jobs constantly and always check in to see how things were going. I feel like this is something special to Boise State University and the World Languages Department.”
— Chris Schnackenberg

“My German degree from Boise State is quite possibly the BEST thing that I ever did – it gave me so many opportunities. I wish I could just tell everyone to study a language at university. So funny because I hadn’t planned on doing it, and just decided to try and major in German because my theatre degree was taking forever. I’m SO glad I did.”
— Heather Meyer

Informational Links

We have had five very successful German Embassy sponsored campus weeks at Boise State, “do Deutsch”/ German Language Weeks = Oct 24-28, 2011, “do Deutsch/Think Transatlantic” during Sept 24-28, 2012 and “Germany in Europe” March 10-14, 2014, “25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall” during October 2014 and “25 years German Unity” during October 2015.   The 2016 campus week event is titled “Germany meets the USA” and will be held during the Fall semester.   Click on the “German Language Week / Campus Weeks Information, 2016” above for more information about the upcoming events.