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Photo of Boise State Korean Club Members

The Boise State Korean Club hosts a Korean Thanksgiving BBQ Event every year in the beginning of the fall semester. Anyone who is interested in the Korean language and Korean culture is encouraged to attend.


Adjunct Instructors:

Why Study Korean?

Course Offerings:

  • For the current class schedule, please consult BroncoWeb under FORLNG.

Korean Studies Minor:

Korean Studies Minor

Course Number and Title Credits
HIST 121 History of Asia 3
KOREAN 101-102 Elementary Korean I and II 8
KOREAN 201-202 Intermediate Korean Language and Culture I and II 8
FORLNG 330 Korea Today 3
Elective chosen from the following:

ARTHIST 103 Survey of Far Eastern Art

HIST 321 Environmental History of Modern East Asia

HIST 340 The Korean War

Korean 103 Elementary Korean Language and Culture

Korean 203 Elementary Korean Language and Culture

PHIL 321 Eastern Philosophy

Total 25

Certificates Offered:

Elementary Korean Certificate 
Course Number and TitleCredits
KOREAN 101 Elementary Korean I4
KOREAN 102 Elementary Korean II4

Intermediate Korean Certificate 
Course Number and TitleCredits
KOREAN 101 Elementary Korean I4
KOREAN 102 Elementary Korean II4
KOREAN 201 Intermediate Korean I4
KOREAN 202 Intermediate Korean II4

Placement Exams:

For general placement information, please contact Yookyung Lee.

Challenge Examinations:

Boise State University offers credit by challenge examination. Please refer to Credit for Prior Learning below.

World Language Resource Center

Located next to the department offices in the Library, Room L-144, students studying a world language have access to state-of-the art equipment in the World Languages Resource Center. Whether taking a study break in between classes or completing a research project, the Center is dedicated to providing tools and services to language students. A computer lab provides access to authentic resources such as online journals and newspapers from around the world, specialized software and recording tools. The Center also hosts a collection of more than 1,200 films for student checkout, along with mobile tablets for use in and out of the classroom.

Most 100- and 200- level language courses require lab participation such as video, conversation, and computer activities in the Language Resource Center, for which students pay an additional laboratory fee.

Credit for Prior Learning

Once a student enrolls in and successfully completes a language course beyond the 101 level with a grade of ”C” or higher, he or she may petition to
receive credit for all courses prerequisite to the level successfully completed. For example, a student who successfully completes ASL 201 may receive credit for ASL 101 and ASL 102. Click here for more information about credit for prior learning:

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Student Projects

  • Miracle in Cell No. 7“- Project by Korean 102 students.