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Academic Advising

Advising is essential for your success!

In the World Languages Department, advisors are assigned according to your major. On this page you will find contact information for faculty advisors in each program, degree checklists and four year plans.

Why Advising?

  • Assist you in developing an academic plan for graduation
  • Help you interpret your Academic Advising Report (AAR) and understand major requirements for the catalog year in which you choose to graduate
  • Help you interpret and apply university policies and procedures to your own unique circumstances
  • Assist you in exploring a variety of majors and provide networking opportunities
  • Provide information about internship and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Help you sort out personal circumstances and determine how they affect your success
  • Work with you to enhance academic skills

Advising Information by Language

American Sign Language Minor Advising

Faculty Advisors:

Davina Snow

Arabic Advising

Faculty Advisor:

Adrian Kane

Basque Studies Minor Advising

Faculty Advisor:

Nere Lete

Chinese Studies Minor Advising

Faculty Advisor:

Sharon Wei

French Advising

Faculty Advisors:

Mariah Devereux Herbeck

Jason Herbeck

German Advising

Faculty Advisors:

Heike Henderson

Beret Norman

Rebecca Sibrian

Academic and career planning is challenging and complex.  We hope that these links help you in the process of gathering information.  Descriptions of our  language programs and a faculty directory are available by choosing from the main menu on the left.

Academic Advising Resources at Boise State University:
Academic advising and support services are provided by Advising and Academic Enhancement located in the Academic and Career Services Building.

Internet sites regarding careers and languages (each link connects to multiple sites on the web):