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Internship Opportunities

Important Information:

  • 45 hours of work equals one academic credit
  • Please see Heike Henderson located in L149E with your questions, 208-426-1560,

Internship Opportunities:

(1) Teaching Internships in ASL, Arabic, Basque, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Several instructors in WL are interested in having a native speaker or near native speaker of the target language serve as a intern to support activities in the classroom and in student writing skill development. Contact any WL instructor of 100 or 200-level language classes or contact Heike Henderson.

(2) Spanish Preschool Teacher

Spanish Preschool Teacher (ages 2 – 5 years) needed for a language enrichment program located in Treasure Valley. Must be bilingual in Spanish and English. We are looking for an ENERGETIC, motivated, creative, organized, flexible and dependable individual. Must enjoy working with young children. Able to follow the curriculum, initiate lesson plans and follow through. Good communication skills in English and Spanish are required (orally and in writing) with children, staff, and parents. Seeking out childhood education majors, bilingual education majors, or Spanish majors. We are looking for someone who will become a long-term employee for an up and growing business. Please do not apply if you are unable to fit this requirement. Internship requires 90 hours for 2 academic credits. Approximately 6 hours a week. E-mail resumes to

(3) The High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

The High School Equivalency Program is looking for tutors to help their Spanish-speaking students prepare for the Spanish GED exam.  This exam covers Mathematics, Reading Sciences, Social Studies, and Writing.

This is a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary, work with native speakers and gain some teaching experience right here on campus!  Hours are VERY flexible.

If you have completed SPANISH 303 or SPANISH 313 with a grade of B or better and are interested in this opportunity, please contact Ángeles Gómez @ 426-3694 or via email,   You may also contact HEP at 426-1364; their office is located at 1105A Grant Ave.

(4) BabySteps

BabySteps is an outreach program of St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral whose mission is to welcome limited income, pregnant and parenting women and their families into a program of education and support as a primary prevention strategy to improve birth outcomes, improve the health of women and children, strengthen families and optimize every child’s developmental potential.
Nurturing Skills for Families parenting classes are offered at BabySteps on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  NSF classes are offered to all BabySteps clients and interested parents in the Treasure Valley free of charge.  Offered weekly, NSF classes address general parenting skills and topics.  Classes are offered in English and Spanish.

Spanish speaking interns will co-facilitate and assist the primary facilitator (Olga Delgadillo) in small group activities.  Using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum (agency will provide), intern will engage in group development and discussion.  Intern will assist Director as needed with communication with Spanish speaking clients in completing forms, admission paperwork, and shopping in incentive store.

Internship Hours:  NSF classes are held weekly on Tuesdays, with volunteers generally working 5:30-7:30 p.m.  Additional hours to fulfill requirement for course can be arranged with Director.

Contact:  Diane Bawcom, LMSW, Director at

(5) Trade Office in Guadalajara, Mexico

The State of Idaho is looking for qualified candidates to fill an unpaid internship position working for the Trade Office in Guadalajara, Mexico. A complete description of the position is here. The deadline for the fall internship has been moved to Wednesday, August 28 as the internship start date is now October 1, 2013. Also note the November 1 deadline for the spring internship.

While this internship allows students an excellent opportunity to improve their professional/business level Spanish, a more-than-conversational level is required in order to carry out daily responsibilities. Students must be taking 300-level courses, if not higher.

Please contact:  Amanda N. Gibson, Market Development DivisionIdaho State Department of Agriculture, 2270 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise, ID 83712, Tel: (208) 332-8538, Fax: (208)

After personally contacting an agency listed above, if you are interested in applying for academic credit for working with one of these agencies, please contact Heike Henderson, World Languages Internship Coordinator, in L149E.

(6) Idaho Commerce

International Business Internships

Boise, Idaho 


  • Assist in the preparations for upcoming international Trade Promotional Events.
  • Responsible for assisting with seminars, publications, and other International Projects geared toward helping companies market and export their products and services.
  • Work with the Boise Branch Office Chief for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (US & FCS) Federal Export Programs to become familiar with the US & FCS services.
  • Assist in making arrangements, scheduling business calls and developing itineraries for International Visitors from foreign government offices and businesses.


  • General computer experience: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Research skills: Internet and others

Please note:  Travel requirements:  NONE


To apply for an internship, submit the following:

  • Resumé of work, volunteer, extracurricular or other experience
  • Cover letter explaining your reason for wanting to participate in the program
  • Two letters of recommendation (if submitting by e-mail, please have author of letter e-mail directly or submit a signed copy)

Gain experience by working with a variety of companies in many different industries in a non-paid internship. 

Mail or e-mail materials to:

Idaho Department of Commerce
Attn: Karen Parnell, International Business Team
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID  83720-0093
Telephone: (208) 287-3159

Deadlines for Boise applicants:

Fall Semester-August 1st

Spring Semester-December 1st

Summer Semester-April 15th

Or until filled